What is holding you back?

The UNKNOWN – its scary!

I know and it is going to take a tremendous amount of courage to face all the things you are afraid of if you are going to live the life you want. 

Because on the other side of the unknown, the thing that you are afraid of,

is where lies your freedom and your victory. 

And I know, this can be frightening.

There are so many things I know you may be feeling right now.

I know that in these uncertain times of confusion, chaos, social distancing and isolation that there are many of you who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lonely and anxious. 

Unable to move about the way you used to or seeing the people you care about. 

Human touch and affection is being replaced with fear and

I know that this has many of you are feeling overwhelmed,

frazzled, disconnected and overall frustrated. 

 You want life to go back to normal. 

But you now question, "what is normal?"

You stay awake at night fearing for your health, the health of your loved ones,

your financial situation, the state of your job. 

This is weighing in on you and it is taking a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally.

I know you want balance, grounding and support to help you get

through these emotionally and mentally tough times.

I know you want more mental stimulation, emotional connections and healthier conversations.

You want to know that everything is going to be okay.

You are working to keep it together without falling apart

There are many of you who are tired of feeling over worked, exhausted,

walked over, used, unheard and unseen.

You want to be treated better, recognized and appreciated. 

I know some of you want to find the courage to stand-up for

yourself and teach people how to treat you. 

You imagine what it would be heard to be seen to have a voice.

Many of you are working to let go of the past, the people who hurt you, the past failures, the mistakes you made, the decisions that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it too. 

You want to stop reliving the same tape, the same program, the same behaviours

over and over again.

You are tired of hearing your own negative self-talk, doubting, worrying, obsessing, blaming yourself and fearing for everything in your life. 

You want to regain your confidence, take your

personal power back, take charge and be in control. 

Living boldly and fiercely. 

You are working to make sense of it all.

For your own sanity, it essential for your survival to 

resolve what is taking place.

There has to be a reason - what is the reason?

There has to be a bigger picture, a purpose for my life - for ME.

Where do I fit in?

What's my place?

What do I have to do?

Some of you escape and fantasize over more time and freedom. 

Your dream home, having a fit body, eating healthy, having more money, being in healthy relationships with your spouse, your kids, your family and friends. 

You have dreams, goals and ambition.

You think about how you will give back and be of service and contribution.

You imagine what it would be like to have support, encouragement and guidance.


I know for some of you, the world sees your life as perfect. 

They see your life with no problems. 

Without a care in the world and free of fear and worry.

To the outside you have everything.

Yet, you are struggling to keep it all together.

But behind the scenes your life is a mess, falling apart and you are barely hanging on.

Your finances are out of control, you are struggling with your children, you can't stand the job you are in, your social life is toxic, your relationship is in trouble.

Yet you wake up everyday with a smile on your face, pretending and acting.

You just need it all to stop because it is out of control.

There are those of you who are on the spiritual path, working to heal. 

You want to come to a higher place, but you feel alone with no one to talk to

who has the same depth to share in the journey.

You want more connection, meaningful conversations

with depth, which adds value and has impact.

Surrounded in the right environment, with the right people

who are uplifting, positive and optimistic.

You want like minded people with whom you can grow and connect with.

I know for some of you that you are successful, have it all, the houses, the cars, material possessions, the power, the fame, the family, the money.

You are rich, a leader with thriving businesses,

yet you are alone, miserable and unhappy.

What I know is that you are all looking for change in some way shape or form.

I know that you know that there is more to you and

your life than what you are living and experiencing right now.

You are ready right now to make a change.

So my question to you is:

Are you ready to start living?

Mentor, motivator and friend, I am here to help you overcome and breakthrough some of your toughest barriers. I am here to help you liberate and empower yourself so that you can start living again. I will show you how to have the courage to live your life without apology, true to who you are and true to who you are meant to be.

I am here to partner with you as I walk along side you to support you, uplift you and believe in you. We are a team, I am on your side, as your biggest fan, your most fabulous cheerleader, your ally in helping you get through these changing times while transforming your life.  


We will engage in some of the most mind-blowing, stimulating and thought provoking conversations that will reshape the way you think, behave and act.


In the most powerful discussions, which are enlightening, energizing, meaningful and has depth - you will begin to feel the freedom from what was once holding you back.  


It is my goal to be a vehicle to influence and champion healthy change in your life, so that you take control, live free, become your powerful self, achieve personal success and have the greatest human experience.

You are alive!

Your life is about to take on an entirely new meaning!

You will never be the same again!


2019 Tanya Ricketts © All rights reserved.

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