Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather it is the action taken in the face of fear in order for us to get to the other side.


Candid and open, Tanya shares some of her more intimate and soulful experiences on discovering what it means to have courage.  The courage to get back up when you fall down, fail, when life bruises, wounds and scares you. 


Our biggest obstacles are not our external environments or conditions.  Our biggest obstacles are with us 24/7, living in the belly of our soul, the depths of our minds and the core of our hearts. 


On the other side of these obstacles, is freedom and power to access all that we want for our life. Because it is in this bravery, with the courage we must posses that we experience victory in overcoming and conquering ourselves.  

Tanya invites you into the process of what it takes to have courage in overcoming the fears which are stopping you from: 

  • Living victoriously through these changing times

  • Having the health you want

  • Losing that weight for good

  • Engaging in healthy relationships

  • Choosing a fulfilling career

  • Becoming wealthy

  • Achieving financial success

  • Living intentionally with purpose and meaning


In the mindset of courage, Tanya takes you on a journey showing you how you can change the trajectory for your life. How you can get to the other side. Because it is this very act of courage which is the gateway to opening doors for opportunities. 


Courage will breakdown and alter the very conditions of the fears within your soul which are hindering you from creating limitless possibilities. Courage will challenge you in your darkest days to change course and create a new narrative. It will cause you to rise up, expand, grow and become the highest expression of your greatest and most powerful self.


Tanya leaves your audience inspired, motivated and empowered to face their fears and develop the courage muscles to conquer themselves to get to the other side.

2019 Tanya Ricketts © All rights reserved.

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